Moved and Back on Line

Hello everyone!

We are moved and all the stuff is in the house.  Not all pretty with everything in its place and my sewing room looks like a disaster zone.  My DH was stunned by the number of boxes that were patterns.  He did not believe that I had gotten rid of any patterns and I had three large Hefty 39 gallon trash bags of patterns I donated to Goodwill.

I just got internet connected today and so happy to have this back on.  Life is hard without internet and WiFi in one's home. 

I am working on getting the sewing/office room put together.  I may have to buy one of those metal sheds to go behind the house just for sewing related items.  I can't wait to sew something in the near future.

More later!

We Have a Date!

Yes, I am still around.  Spending more and more time on packing and sorting to get ready for the big move.

We met with the moving company last week and we have a date to move!  Just having that scheduled has reduced some of my anxiety over the decision to move.

By mid May I may just be able to sew again! And to blog about something sewn. 

Talk back at you soon!


Moving is not for the faint hearted! 

After 14 years in this house, it is amazing how much one can obtain.  Downsizing and moving is proving to be way more involved than I originally thought/planned.  I knew we were going to go smaller; I thought I was doing well with starting to eliminate "stuff".

I still have way more stuff to do something with.  I thought about selling patterns and fabric on line but that requires time to take photos and then post on eBay or some other source.  I saw this as one more obstacle in my long list of things to do!

I have yet to sew anything since I retired; and here it is I thought I would be sewing up a storm.  Just can't get the mojo going.  Once we move and get settled, I know I will be sewing again.  Until then, I am packing up more of my fabric collection.

I donated 4 large trash bags of fabric to Goodwill along with two trash bags of patterns.  I also gave 2 bags of fabric to a young girl who has just started sewing and the look on h…

Resurgence of Machine Embroidery (long post with lots of pictures)

In the '90's and early 2000's, embroidered garments, t-shirts and everything in between was very popular. I purchased my first sewing/embroidery machine in the 90's from a wonderful fabric and sewing machine shop in Winter Haven, Florida.  It was a Janome 8000.  Other sewing machine brands had introduced their versions also.  At the time Janome 8000 had some limitations, like not being able to reverse the design on the machine.  You had to have software to make that kind of edit; since then Janome has come a long way with their sewing/embroidery as well stand alone embroidery machines.  
I later purchased a Viking Designer 1 and then a Viking SE which I still have today.  Both were/area a combination sewing and embroidery machine(s).  I then purchased a Brother PE Embroidery machine and then sold that and bought a Janome 300E embroidery machine.  This one has some limitations compared to their newest models which I cannot afford.  I am currently selling my Janome 300E…

I gave up!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a difficult time with the McCall 7100 bomber jacket previously and dang if I just cannot get a break with this pattern now.  I am exasperated with myself over the issues I have with this pattern as I have been sewing for many, many, many years and feel like this should not be such an issue.

I ripped another hole in the fabric and I just don't need to waste more time on this.  So it is a wadder laying in my trash can. One less piece of fabric to pack and move with me.  It is not a fabric that makes me cringe because I am not going to finish this project; the quality is not the best that I have purchased before.

I have another raglan sleeve bomber jacket to try, actually I now have two I can try.  I just have not been in a sewing mode with upcoming move.  Yesterday I had cataract surgery on my right eye.  Wow, what a difference that has made.  I am glad I had it done and impressed with how well this surgery went.  I had a follow up appointment w…

Glutton for punishment!

Several months ago or way back in 2017 I attempted to sew McCall's 7100. I along with several other sewists/bloggers had some issues with this pattern as instructions were written incorrectly in some areas.  I was able to catch some and others I didn't.  My other challenge with this pattern was not having the right fabric for the collar, cuffs and waistband.  So I bid that wadder "bye-bye".

Meanwhile McCall's made corrections and created a sew along that helped in the sewing of this bomber jacket.  Since I purchased a boat load of rib knit fabric from Fabric Mart last year, I really need to use what I spent my money for.  Sooooooo-I decided lets try this jacket again.

I think this pattern and I are not intended to get along.  I had real issues with attaching the pockets and ended up with a hole in the fabric seam allowance from taking the pattern apart and resewing and doing it again.  I don't sew a lot of pockets and this should not be a difficult task but I…

A Better View

DH tooks some shots of me wearing the Halifax Hoodie that I made in January.  I still have some tweaks to make with this pattern from Hey June.  I like the vest type look that I created unknowingly by using different fabrics.

The sleeves and cowl neckline is from leftover LaFinch Fabrics.  Mustard color solid is from Girl Charlee and cuffs and waistbands are from Fabric Mart.


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