I gave up!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a difficult time with the McCall 7100 bomber jacket previously and dang if I just cannot get a break with this pattern now.  I am exasperated with myself over the issues I have with this pattern as I have been sewing for many, many, many years and feel like this should not be such an issue.

I ripped another hole in the fabric and I just don't need to waste more time on this.  So it is a wadder laying in my trash can. One less piece of fabric to pack and move with me.  It is not a fabric that makes me cringe because I am not going to finish this project; the quality is not the best that I have purchased before.

I have another raglan sleeve bomber jacket to try, actually I now have two I can try.  I just have not been in a sewing mode with upcoming move.  Yesterday I had cataract surgery on my right eye.  Wow, what a difference that has made.  I am glad I had it done and impressed with how well this surgery went.  I had a follow up appointment w…

Glutton for punishment!

Several months ago or way back in 2017 I attempted to sew McCall's 7100. I along with several other sewists/bloggers had some issues with this pattern as instructions were written incorrectly in some areas.  I was able to catch some and others I didn't.  My other challenge with this pattern was not having the right fabric for the collar, cuffs and waistband.  So I bid that wadder "bye-bye".

Meanwhile McCall's made corrections and created a sew along that helped in the sewing of this bomber jacket.  Since I purchased a boat load of rib knit fabric from Fabric Mart last year, I really need to use what I spent my money for.  Sooooooo-I decided lets try this jacket again.

I think this pattern and I are not intended to get along.  I had real issues with attaching the pockets and ended up with a hole in the fabric seam allowance from taking the pattern apart and resewing and doing it again.  I don't sew a lot of pockets and this should not be a difficult task but I…

A Better View

DH tooks some shots of me wearing the Halifax Hoodie that I made in January.  I still have some tweaks to make with this pattern from Hey June.  I like the vest type look that I created unknowingly by using different fabrics.

The sleeves and cowl neckline is from leftover LaFinch Fabrics.  Mustard color solid is from Girl Charlee and cuffs and waistbands are from Fabric Mart.


I can't believe it has been since Feb. 17 since I last blogged.  I completed the Butterick dress and have cut out another McCall's raglan sleeve bomber jacket using red scuba knit fabric from my stash purchased from Fabric Mart in 2014.

When I washed it there was a lot of red dye that came off on one of the dye catcher papers that you throw in with clothes or fabrics.  This was my second wash for this fabric.  Hopefully it will not rub off any more.

The cuffs, collar and waistband is a black rib knit that I also purchased from Fabric Mart in 2017.

I have been busy getting rid of "stuff" but I think it keeps multiplying.  I've read a couple of books on decluttering but it feels overwhelming at times.  We have traveled to NC to look at some homes in a coastal area and have settled on two of them.  And so the process begins on finalizing our move and when.  All of this is taking me away from sewing and I do try to sneak in some sewing time.

I am downsizing my patter…

Sewing Update

Today I feel like actually doing something sewing related.  I am using a pattern from my stash that I have not tried before.
I am making the short sleeve dress, not shown above.  This is Butterick 6207.  I purchased a xs-m size because my upper chest/shoulder area needs this size, my bust needs large, so I made a FBA.  I did not want a dart for this dress, so I used this technique from Maria Denmark.  I always get a little nervous when trying a new technique, especially one that creates a lot of changes due to cutting, enlarging and reducing.  The paper pattern ends up looking way different than the original.  Hopefully this will all work out.

The fabric is actually a fairly recent purchase.  It is from Cali Fabrics, purchased this past December.

I just finished cutting out the fabric today and getting ready to thread serger, sewing machine and most likely will use the cover stitch machine for hemming.  More later.

Simplicity Jacket

Well I just completed my first week of retirement!!!  It somewhat felt like a week of vacation.  I will say this, I feel rested and love that my life last week was guided by "what time is it" and I have x time to do  this particular thing or not.

I completed the Simplicity Jacket and wrote a review for Pattern Review.  I was surprised by the lovely comments I received as I was not over the hill in love with the jacket.  I am going to hem the sleeves a little shorter as several suggested as the length I took out was too much.  I actually had to add bias tape to the edge of the sleeve, just so I could turn up a minimal amount.  This will be an easy fix.

Here are pictures of the jacket.

I do love the fabric. The jacket outcome is just not what I expected.  I will wear this.  I have so many other jacket patterns to try that this one will not be made again any time soon or if at all.
This past week was not much in the way of sewing except for completing this jacket.  Hopefully my…

Work In Progress

I have been working on the Simplicity jacket and about to finish it today.  Here are a few shots of the current state of the pattern. 

This has been a fairly easy project to sew.  The fabric ravels when you look at it; I serged finished all edges before sewing.

I had to reduce the shoulder width by shaving off 3/8 inch.  It is not lined.  The facings are attached at shoulders and side seam and stitched all around the jacket front and back.  I also did a forward shoulder adjustment on the back shoulder and 5/8 swayback adjustment.

Updates to follow.


I finally took a photo of me wearing the Halifax Hoodie. I probably should have waited until I had freshened my makeup and hair, to do a proper photo shoot.  As you can see I finally got a fairly nice matching shoe lace to use for this hoodie; I wanted to match the grape color in the print and cuffs but none were included the packe of shoelaces.  I saw more bright colors online that what I received.  I don't recall seeing a place to select a different color pack.

Here are my thoughts about this pattern. 

It is designed for a much taller person than I am.  I shortened the sleeves by 1 1/2 inchesand when adding the cuffs I use 1/2 inch seam allowance instead of 3/8 which seemed to make the sleeves the right length.I shortened the top but think I could shorten more.  It is more tunic length which I like somewhat but may another inch would be better.  It is not a too snug fit, somewhat loose which maybe I could stitch a 1/2 inch seam instead of 3/8.The cowl neck needs extra length for…


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